Welcome to the Butler County Treasurer's website

The roles and responsibilities of the Butler County Treasurer include:

  • Collector of local property taxes including real property and manufactured home taxes. The Treasurer's office sends out approximately 315,000 tax bills annually and collects over $470 million in tax revenue.
  • Chief investment officer responsible for the management of the county's investment portfolio, which has an average balance of $267 million.
  • Cash manager of the county. Monies collected by various county departments are deposited with the county treasurer. In turn, all of these monies are deposited into the county's bank account. The Treasurer's office maintains records of deposits and withdrawals and reconciles bank statements on a daily basis, thus assuring their accuracy and the safety of county funds.
  • Serves on the Investment Advisory Board, Board of Revision, Budget Commission, and Microfilming Board.

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