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Property Taxes: Our office is expecting higher property tax bills for tax year 2022 (collectible in calendar year 2023) due to the following:

  1. The County Auditor's valuation appeal was denied. This will result in property value increases for the City of Fairfield, the City of Hamilton, Fairfield Township, and West Chester Township.
  2. This year's tax bills included tax breaks from both the Board of County Commissioners and the Board of Developmental Disabilities. Regular tax collections will likely resume with the next billing, causing an increase in tax amounts.

Journal News Article: Butler County taxpayers to see hikes as rollbacks end, property values increase

November 2022 Levy Information: Levy estimates for issues on the November 2022 ballot can be found on the Auditor's website. To view the estimated amount on your property, click here to go to their site, search for your parcel number, and then click 'Levy Calculator' on the left side of the page.