Real Estate Tax and Property Value

Real Estate Tax and Property Value

This year, Butler County is facing an unprecedented increase in property values.

The median value increase as ordered by the State Tax Commissioner is 37 percent. Based on this median value, the tax impact is between 4.6 and 5.6 percent for Lakota and Fairfield residents. In other districts, the tax impact is between 24 and 28 percent on a 37 percent value increase. 

Frequently Asked Questions regarding your 2023 tax bill (payable 2024)

How did we get here?

The Ohio legislature sets up the system of taxation for the state, and the Ohio Tax Commissioner is responsible for setting the tax rates in adherence to the law.

The County Auditor assesses real estate values and calculates the associated property taxes. The Auditor’s Office is required to set a fair market value for each property every three years.

The County Treasurer is responsible for the billing and collection of real estate taxes based on the values set.

The increase this year is calculated based on the rising values of properties in Ohio.

What can I do?

We are here to help. While these solutions aren’t all guaranteed to have an impact in your case, we believe it is still helpful to explore the options.

Auditor’s Office:

Treasurer’s Office:

Contact your state legislators:

State Sen. George Lang: Senator George F. Lang Contact | Ohio Senate

State Rep. Rodney Creech: Contact Rodney Creech | Ohio House of Representatives

State Rep. Jennifer Gross: Contact Jennifer Gross | Ohio House of Representatives

State Rep. Thomas Hall: Contact Thomas Hall | Ohio House of Representatives

State Rep. Sara Carruthers: Contact Sara P. Carruthers | Ohio House of Representatives

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